It Feels Like Betrayal

16 thoughts on “It Feels Like Betrayal”

  1. Hope, You are so well-named. There IS hope for our broken and fallen world and you are a beautiful mouthpiece for the transforming truth and hope found in Jesus Christ for all of us. Love – your Sister in Christ, Susan


  2. So happy to see you blogging again! I have always looked forward to them. I absolutely love your honesty and ability to not just share with the world your process but to do it in a way that doesn’t judge or condemn others.


  3. Thank you for walking courageously in your faith! Already I see those grave clothes being exchanged for something magnificent in purity and power. May God powerfully confirm His word in and through you.


  4. Awesome entry, Hope. You make some great observations: Truth has both rights AND power (paragraph 5)! Love accepts AND calls for transformation (paragraph 7)! Regardless of our personal identities or issues, we all seem to forget the duality of both Truth and Love, opting simply to stop at their first parts, rights and acceptance, but falling short of–and even denying–the amazing gifts of POWER and TRANSFORMATION! “Truth” does demand rights, and “love” does accept. At some point we ALL say, “X is true for ME; accept that and accept ME!” Furthermore, we often equate the two. proclaiming, “It’s my RIGHT THAT you ACCEPT ME!” But the ultimate Truth and Love of Christ go beyond these deceptively desperate claims. Christ’s Truth and Love empower those who 1) are His disciples, 2) know the Truth, and 3) are set free by it (the full context of John 8:31-32, not just the last part of it that everyone seems to throw around to justify anything in the name of “truth”). We don’t have to settle. I’m glad you haven’t. HOPE ON!!!!


  5. Grace gives the space to come to the place of surrender to that path. I love that statement! You are so gifted, glad you came back to it. Keep it up sista:)


  6. Ever since I first met you, Hope, I’ve had a love, respect, and admiration for you – your courage and your faith inspire me more now than ever! I am thankful God enabled us to be sisters in Him and friends! Prayers continuing for you!


  7. Thank you. Your astute reflections and speaking the truth about Jesus touched my heart and gives me hope my daughter will return to Christ and His loving arms. As a mother of a gay child and a believer in Jesus Christ, I have to surrender in prayer daily for her return and believe our Lord is working on His timetable and not mine. A sister in Christ.


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