6 thoughts on “Uprooted”

  1. I love to hear about your journey of God healing your heart, changing and rearranging you. I know it’s got to be a personal one that can’t be forced or rushed. My journey has been different, but I know what abuse is like and how much damage it causes and changes a person. The worse abuse I inexperienced was physical and religious abuse. It’s a miracle I want to have anything to do with God, but He’s my only hope for healing. I’ve been going through a messy construction process, learning about my true identity. Not the one who was mistreated, devalued, condemned, shamed, etc. Learning through a personal relationship through Jesus, who God really is. I never experienced the love from religion. I could never measure up, no matter how hard I tried. I needed a truth that was strong enough to set me free from the shame, worthlessness of never measuring up, and being disqualified. It gave me hope that I found a safe place for me to heal, by watching Pastor Tom, Ms. Charlotte and others truly love you. Even though others still had their attitudes, it didn’t matter, because they weren’t the ones in charge. I felt honored to join Lifebridge the same day you did back in 2009. Because of the religious damage I’ve experienced myself, I never wanted to dis-respect or cause damage to you in any way during your journey of healing. Thank you for sharing your heart in your blogs. I just want you to know how much respect I have for you, and all that you’ve overcome in your life. We are both on that journey of being Loved by God to wholeness. It’s that unconditional love from Him that’s irresistable, no matter where we’ve come from. Love Never Fails! A “high five” to you Hope!! Very sincerely from, my heart to yours, Jane Cole


    1. Jane thank you so much for sharing your heart here and for your words of encouragement.
      It is a process to change anything and when you have to combat false identities and untrue messages it is like swimming against the current.
      So proud of you for dealing with your stuff keep on the road that leads to life friend.


  2. Yep! Swimming upstream against the current. God sees it all….the good, the bad and the ugly. He has a purpose and plan for the pain, to bring Him Glory, through Jesus! Our true enemy (which is not flesh and blood) tried to take us out. We’ve seen the enemy and how he tried to destroy us. He overplayed his hand. It’s time for us to be healed, trained and strong enough reach and rescue the others who are trapped. After seeing the “American Sniper”, I’ve had this thought. God has his own army of soldiers and snipers in training, going to battle, using His weapons of warfare, which are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. They don’t look like the same, as what others may use. Just like David could not kill the giant in Saul’s armor. David had to use what He was familiar with, the sling and stones. His Sheep know His voice and a stranger they will not follow. I’m staying close to Him, listening for His voice, His directions. When He says “move”, I want to move. When He says “stay”, I want to stay. He will show us the way. It’s not by our own might, nor by our own power, but only by His Holy Spirit! His yoke is easy, His burden is light. “Father God, (Daddy), Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be Done, here on this earth as it is in Heaven, in Jesus’ Mighty Name!” P.S. Don’t feel like you have to share this comment here on your blog. It won’t hurt my feelings. I will never be offended. You can decide what is appropriate on here or not. I know it’s hard to trust who to call friend. Thank you for calling me friend.


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