Creating a new set of core values

2 thoughts on “Creating a new set of core values”

    1. Thanks for your recommendation Melodyann. I have not read Justin Lee’s book, but I am very familiar with the Gay Christian Network and the Side A and B debate. In fact up until two years ago I the labels gay Christian side B would have best fit me. Yet, I was never completely comfortable fully embracing either point of view. As a woman who lived openly as as a lesbian the majority of her life; I had a lot of biased about God and Christianity when I surrendered my life to Jesus in 2009. I came int Christianity off the mind set that God created me gay and that was that there was no discussion needed a year later my faith and sexuality collided and I set out to resolve my faith and sexuality through the Bible. I camped out in the first three chapters of Genesis bookended by Psalms 139 and Romans 1.
      In the course of this quest I knew I need to define truth and understand its place within this discussion. I also grew to know and understand that God is good, loving and trustworthy. There is so more I an say on subject but I have where I have because God kindly and gently wooed me to Himself and revealed His point of view to me through scripture.


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