How Should Christians Respond to a Member of the LGBT Community? Thoughts from a Post Gay Woman

8 thoughts on “How Should Christians Respond to a Member of the LGBT Community? Thoughts from a Post Gay Woman”

  1. Hi Hope. Thank you for the good insight. You know my sister is a LGBT activist and one of her friends just friend requested me on FB. I would like to talk with her but I’m not wanting to be bombarded with all of her agenda that will come onto my Facebook. Any suggestions? Thank you!!



    1. Hey Renae

      I have been praying for your sister. In my own experience I have gay friends on Facebook and unfortunately the option of hiding them from my newsfeed is no longer optional. If you feel like you are to engage with this person then learn to just respond to the personal things. I also have learned that if the persons posts constantly provokes me or cause strife I friend them. I have had to do that on more than one occasion. Wish I had better advice


  2. Great post, dear Hope. I personally find it so important to first examine myself on how do I define truth? It’s easy to be judgemental in one area and give myself grace when it’s convenient for me. I always need to first draw the circle around me…always. My heart breaks for people tangled up in this sin and the world celebrating it. But as Todd said a few weeks ago, there is no better time to be salt and light. The victory already belongs to the Lord and I’m praying that he will use the time we have left here on earth to speak the truth, love his people and draw others near Him. You are such an encouragement for all of us. Praying for you today!


  3. As always an inspiring, informative and challenging post. Thank you for your faithfulness to walk this healing path and share with others.


  4. Hope, thank you for your transparency, your faithful walk, and your continued encouragement through your comments on The Journey. Thank you for practical ways to love well and speak truth through His Word, always our true source. You are a treasure and a blessing! Continue to be bold and stand firm. He is greatly glorified!!


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