Is Gender a Gift?

3 thoughts on “Is Gender a Gift?”

  1. Hi Hope! I really enjoy what you share on FB. It is so refreshing to listen to you and to see how the Lord has worked and transformed you inside and out!! You said,

    To be human is to be gendered. With our gender comes gifts and responsibilities we each must shoulder if we are to truly reflect the image of God to one another.

    This is a great statement especially when we come to grip with the fact that God created us special whether male or female. He knows exactly how we tick and as we surrender to a Creator that Wants the Very Best For Us, we can begin to let our guard down and begin to live as He intended. That’s when true happiness and contentment can follow.

    Blessings to you, Hope on your Great Journey!!



  2. Hey, Hope. I admire the fact that you are keeping up this blog and doing it so well. Keep pressing on and making a difference in the Body of Christ and among all who have ears to hear and eyes to see. May many be opened to the Truth you are faithfully and compassionately witnessing.

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