Outing Myself as a Christian

10 thoughts on “Outing Myself as a Christian”

  1. I was having my own trust issues with Christians, because of the damages done to me from religion, when I first started going to that same East Texas Church. I think back to the same day we both joined. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet you. Love heals and changes us. That’s what we ALL need. That’s what God does. He Loves us, right where we are at. He’s a good, good Father! It’s awesome to find a safe environment, where we can heal. A place where we find people, who will truly represent His Heart! I’m still a work in progress, but much farther ahead, than I used to be. I’ve come too far to quit now. I’m glad to be able to continue, to see you here on Facebook. I’m proud of you Hope! You are authentic and real! That’s what I love about you! High Five! Fist Bump! 😉


  2. Hey Hope! Much love from your old friend Brad!!! Enjoyed your post…..I know those were tough times back when….but I have great memories of you….you were always fun and a true friend. God’s very best to you!


  3. Love, love, love this!!!❤️ Thanks for always being honest, open and for putting your thought out there for everyone to see. Your posts help me navigate the often uncomfortable waters with my gay friends. Kasi Sent from my iPhone



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