I Felt Like the Lord Abandoned Me

2 thoughts on “I Felt Like the Lord Abandoned Me”

  1. Hope you are a breath of fresh air. The Lord Jesus changed me in 2012. He started working on me in 2007, but I relapsed to alcoholism and lost my family of 21 yrs. She took it all. Trust faded, and I dug deeper into my drinking. I could not believe Jesus didn’t want me to hold on to that lifestyle. I have been very lonely earthly, but filled with peace on this struggle with Forgiveness from Jesus and God’s Grace. I struggle with sharing about him, I think I have nothing to offer my LGBT community. Because of your testimony, I am learning a lot about my feelings that I just don’t see any man in my future. Thanks Terri Youngblood


    1. Terry

      Thanks for following my journey. As I have shared my attractions have not changed and at this stage of life I don’t think they will. That said, I do have to entrust my relational future to Christ. I believe if God wants me to be in a relationship with a man then He will change my heart and affections to be with one.

      May I encourage you to seek out a Biblical church that offers small groups and build community. Also you can join the free on-line forums for support at livehope.org

      Praying for you this morning


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