Contending with Purpose

2 thoughts on “Contending with Purpose”

  1. Hello Hope,

    Great post, I totally agree with you concluding last paragraph. When Nancy helps us understand the importance of God’s intended design and purpose for humanity, I had to slow my reading way down after the first sentence. If and then statements ask and answer questions that will qualify our conclusions for us. I don’t dispute that nature is teleological, or the body being part of nature, therefore having a teleological purpose. My concern with the statement is, taken in the narrowest of views we lose sight of what it is to be “human telos” in our views of others.

    I have a friend in Haiti who is an occupational therapist that works with special needs kids in that country. I’m looking at a Christmas card that has 20 of her kids holding up cards that spell out Merry Christmas. Out of twenty seven are standing the rest are in some kind of wheel chair. They are all children, they all have two legs, two arms, no arms or legs in the picture work right. All those arms and legs have a “built in” purpose, but none of those arms and legs are going to work the way teleological nature intended. I’m wondering right now if my friend does the work she does out of non arbitrary biblical morality?

    I read Ps 139 before posting this, focused mostly on verses 13-16, 17-18, and 23-24. Your last paragraph reminds me of this recorded intimate conversation with God.

    I ordered my copy of the book last week, looking forward to reading Pearcey with a little more context.


    1. Hey there GJ
      I sure am missing the Journey. Thanks for stopping by and posting your thoughts. I to have questions about people with special needs and am hopeful Nancy will address some of them in upcoming chapters. I am little behind this week . Love Psalm 139, one of the foundational cornerstones in my own life.


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