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  1. Sometimes I wonder why I had to live apart from Christ for so many years… Why couldn’t I have a small stumbling block, turn to Him and still have the same story of redemption? 1) I recognize my view of time is worldly and 2) I am STUBBORN! Everytime I see 25 years in your story of Grace, I thank God I am not in control and that he’s using you to further His Kingdom as intended. I love reading what you write on Join the Journey every morning and thank God for you and your powerful story.


    1. Dennis
      Never thought of myself as a hero of the faith and thank you for those kind words. I love being out loud and proud for Jesus! May you be richly blessed as you engage and serve with Watermark Plano.


  2. Hope! Just wanted to drop you a note of encouragement on a couple things: 1) your comments on the “Join the Journey” website bless me every morning and I am so thankful for your testimony and the way God is using you! 2) I remember reading some comments you made when JTJ was going through Song of Solomon in July, and you said the text that felt like “an obstacle course.” Song of Solomon is a book I’m very passionate about, and I know a fantastic sermon series that I’d like to get you a copy of ( for free 😊)and I think it will help shed light and interpret it better than most commentaries that are out there on SOS.
    If you are interested in hearing more about this sermon series, please shoot me an email – and hope you’re having a blessed Wednesday!
    In Him,
    Dr Grant Beckham
    (PS my wife, kids, and I have been plugged into Watermark since 2012, and many years before that I was in the singles ministry that Todd lead at Northwest Bible Church during the 1990s! 😊)


    1. Grant thank you so much for your words of encouragement today. God continually refines my point of view on sexuality and what relational wholeness looks like. the Song of Solomon was very challenging for me. In fact this July was my first attempt to read it and I read it at a lightening pace. So glad to connect with another Watermark member, I came to WM the last Sunday of December 2012 when I moved tot he DFW area of knowing it was going to be my be my home church. I joined two or three weeks later πŸ˜‰

      I will shoot you an email in response to your kind offer.


  3. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us! It has answered all of the questions I have about walking this life out. I am a 28 year old man and finally learning how to be restored from this struggle of same sex attraction. It is the toughest season of my life but after reading your latest blog posts I feel that if God can do it for you there is HOPE for me as well! Once again thank you for sharing, I am praying for God’s favor over your life and journey! Be blessed!


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