Holy ________!

If you filled in the blank with a four-letter word, it expresses the sentiment I felt the first time I heard of people choosing celibacy over same-sex relationships.  Former gay-identified Dr. Christopher Yuan calls this a holy sexuality:  pursuing a relationship with Christ through surrendering our desires and attractions to Him daily and living in sexual … Continue reading Holy ________!

Counter Messaging

In Power of Messaging, we looked at the specific ways the gay rights movement has used messaging to promote their cause. As we move forward, let’s consider one other aspect that contributes to social change. In addition to messaging, Erin Brownback believes that over the course of the last 50 years, America has experienced the rise and … Continue reading Counter Messaging

Love is a Verb: Power of Messaging (1)

  In Power of Perceptions, we discussed how one’s internal perceptions can help shape one’s identity. Today, we will explore the power of external messaging, which has influenced the broad acceptance of gay-identified people and gay rights. In a recent interview, Erin Brownback, on Communicating God’s Design for Family, talks about the power of messaging and how it impacts … Continue reading Love is a Verb: Power of Messaging (1)